Unit 4-1: topic is police corruption

| March 13, 2016

Unit 4-1: topic is police corruption

Your final draft must be no less than 4 pages, not including the reference page. It must be longer and more refined than your Unit 3 Individual Project. This paper must follow APA style format, and include in-text citations and a reference page. Be sure to proofread your final paper and run the spell and grammar checkers before submitting.
This research paper must have:
• Thesis statement: This statement presents the problem or issue you intend to research, and it should be clear and concise.
• Research Question:
• Hypothesis: This is a statement of prediction regarding the results of the problem or issue. Briefly identify your working solution to the problem. How might your working solution solve the problem? Be sure to note that your working solution will evolve through continued research and analysis.
• Measurement and analysis approach: Define the key points that you will research and explain how you will gather and analyze the data you find. Intend to incorporate information related to technology and crime statistics that apply to your issue.
• Applicable resources/ Annoted Bibliography Identify 5 sources that you have found that are the most relevant and best support your purpose statement. List the sources and then record the main idea as notes to use as part of your research later. Identify case studies, library, Web, and other scholarly resources.
• Literature Review: What are your ethical and legal responsibilities to ensure that your final report will be of the highest ethical standards?
• Recidvism: discuss the terms and definations of the concept;
• 1.Rate
• 2.Statistics
• Factors of Recidvism:
• How do issues/ if any correlate with the topic police brutality, if any: • Rehabilitation of offenders • Punishment of offenders
• Isolation of chronic offenders
• Conclusion?closing

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