Unit 2 IP PP

| September 14, 2020

  PowerPoint Presentation: 8–slides (100  words per slide of speaker notes)  

in the course scenario, it stated the following: CMA  rebounded and continued to manufacture and sell its components to  computer manufacturers worldwide. The company structure was divided into  product divisions, with each division focused on specific components.  For the company, this structure was meant to streamline sales and  delivery worldwide.

As happens on occasion, there were some factors that had an effect on  company profits, but the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jared Smith,  was in a position to focus on several internal strategic areas,  including structure, work design, motivation, conflict, and company  culture as a whole. 

To stay profitable, the company had to eliminate  several management positions in an effort to flatten the organizational  chart. Many of the responsibilities fell to the employees, and many  people resisted the change.

The vice presidents (VPs) are reading the information about theories  of motivation that you sent them. You know, because they have been  asking questions, most of which revolve around expatriates. These  questions from the VPs tell you that they are now ready to address  cultural differences and how they relate to preparing staff for  cross-cultural work environments.

Again, Jared, your CEO, states that “the presentation you will create  will explain cultural differences, intercultural differences, and  culture and diversity. 

I’ll also need you to include a slide about steps  that managers at CMA should take to prepare expatriates for assignments  overseas.”

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