Unit 2 Discussion Topics

| October 22, 2018

Unit 2 Discussion Topic
There is an anecdote told about the way Napoleon decided when
a decision was required of him. According to the story, he never opened his
mail until at least 2 weeks after he received it. By that time, all the petty problems
had been solved without his help and he was able to devote his time to solving
the truly serious problems which still remained. Napoleon’s procedure would of
course be totally impractical for systems analysts, but the story does
illustrate one very important point:
Before you, as an analyst, devote your time and effort to finding the solution
to a problem, make sure you have analyzed the information and identified the
real problem. After reading the assigned RWO project, are there any decisions
you need more information about before
you perform your analysis? What decision making processes or critical thinking
skills will you use to identify the organization’s real problems
Discussion Topic 2

One of the main reasons for poor analysis and
decision making is that few individuals get off on the right foot when
they try to identify and solve a problem. Frequently, they start to look for a
solution as soon as the problem is raised — often before they are really sure
what the problem is. This procedure will lead them to answer the wrong question. Thus, you can see that
the most important factor in systems analysis decision making is defining the
problem and pinpointing its critical factors. Create a checklist of seven or
eight key points to help you discover the real problem at RWO. How will each point ensure your success in
gathering meaningful and useful information?

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