UMUC WRTG394 Assignment 4 – Bad News Letter

| August 14, 2017

Assignment 4 – Bad News LetterYour task in this assignment is to write an effective business letter, using standard business letter format, addressing one of the following scenarios:1. Termination of an employee for poor performance2. Denial of promotion3. Announcement of no cost of living salary increase or pay raisesBefore beginning the letter, review the attached file from the University of Hawaii offering examples of poorly written bad news letters with suggestions for improvement. After reviewing these examples, decide whether you will take a direct or an indirect approach to writing the letter.This assignment, which is a real world application, will help you accomplish the course goals of:1. Effective business communication2. Attention to audience and tone3. Writing for a purposeAs you write your letter, make sure you set up the situation in the introductory paragraph, attend to appropriate audience and tone, select words and language carefully, and provide details and evidence to support your main points. Be sure to direct the employee to action prior to closing out your letter. This letter will be graded on the following criteria:Meets the requirements of the assignmentIs free from grammar and punctuation errorsUses transitions to move between ideas and paragraphsIs appropriate in tone and languageIs carefully proofread and editedAccomplishes the task

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