umuc hrmn302 week 6 discussions latest 2016 feb

| September 10, 2016

Topic #1

Write a description of a situation you recall where you came into conflict with someone else. It maybe something that happened years ago, or a current issue that just arose.

Using the principles and strategies in your reading this week, describe how the conflict was resolved, or could have been resolved.

Feel free to add material from other sections of the textbook, or your research.

Discuss your ideas with your classmates.

Topic #2

Your book provides a model for communicating negative news. The four main parts of a negative news message (verbal or written) are:

1. Buffer or cushion
2. Explanation
3. Negative news
4. Redirect

Think of a situation in your job where you may need to communicate with someone or a group of people and also deliver a negative message.
Following the sample script in Table 17.1 (see below), post a brief email that states the negative message clearly.
Please comment on one or more of your colleagues’ postings.
Try to be creative and present a different scenario than those submitted so we can build a “library” of sample emails.

Table 17.1 Negative News Message Sample Script

Parts of the Negative News Message Example
Buffer or Cushion Thank you for your order. We appreciate your interest in our product.
Explanation We are writing to let you know that this product has been unexpectedly popular, with over 10,000 requests on the day you placed your order.
Negative News This unexpected increase in demand has resulted in a temporary out-of-stock/backorder situation. We will fulfill your order, received at 11:59 p.m. on 09/09/2009, in the order it was received.
Redirect We anticipate that your product will ship next Monday. While you wait, we encourage you to consider using the enclosed $5 off coupon toward the purchase of any product in our catalog. We appreciate your business and want you to know that our highest priority is your satisfaction.
Reminder: Use and apply text concepts, and your experience where you currently work, or have worked. Don’t forget to cite your sources!

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