umuc hcad660 Case Study Group Project

| February 14, 2018

3. Case Study-Team Project(30%) 30 out of a possible 100 course pointsThe purposes of the team assignment are to a.) apply and refine organizational communication and leadership principles to an applied setting, b.) Foster student-to-student interactions, c.) Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills and d.) Develop your effectiveness in writing about an applied case.The Malcolm Baldrige Evaluation Criteria is being used by more and more organizations within health care as well as other types of organizations. Every year, the President of the United States awards several Baldrige awards to organizations which have exemplified quality. This case study helps you to become familiar with the criteria and how quality organizations implement the criteria. Even if your organization doesn’t use Baldrige, we hope you will assess and analyze quality in Baldrige terms.In this exercise, your team will research and analyze the organization and develop a new organizational strategy for the Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center. The strategy should be formulated using the information from the case study and your research, including an analysis of the results, and should take into account current concerns including health care reform, the political environment in Arizona, the state of the economy, financing and leadership and management principles learned during the course.The Arroyo Fresco Case Study is available for download in the Course Content area.Teams and members will be assigned by week 2. Teams should begin immediately and prepare. Components include:Project Plan(1 + 1 points)o An abbreviated project plan due in Week 5(format provided below) 1 pointo An updated project plan w/status column completed in Week 9 1 pointPlanning Template Group/Team Project: Due in week 5 Updated in week 9Arroyo Fresco Study:How you organize, lead, manage, problem solve, engage and innovate are part of the graded experience.1. How will you determine how the work/tasks will be distributed/shared among the group?2. How will you match individual strengths/weaknesses to the tasks?3. How will you select a leader for the group?4. What authority is vested in the leader and the group?5. How will you handle nonperformance or non-participation of a group member should it occur?6. How will you handle disagreements, conflict and negotiation should it occur? What challenges do you anticipate? How well you manage conflict is part of the team’s grade. Please document any challenges and solutions you use.7. What “people/team/professional skills” are expected of the group members? E.g. be on time, attend all meetings/conferences.8. How will you gain consensus of the team paper form/content/conclusions before it is to be submitted? If consensus is not evident, how will you reconcile the format and content of the final paper?9. Will you have a final editor? Who will be responsible for assuring that all facets of Blooms critical thinking, spelling, grammar etc. are clearly evident and demonstrated in the paper?10. How will time management be handled? By who?A presentation to the Board of Directors which will be presented in the conference in Week 11. This can be a PowerPoint presentation, Adobe Acrobat presenter, video, or any creative combination you can think of that can be opened by standard/available software.The presentation is worth10 points, and grading will be based on: Must be in an MS format.o Organized overview of strategy Demonstrate knowledge, comprehension of the key issues and challengeso Persuasiveness of presentation. Examples of implementation and analysis of the pros and conso Creativity in presentation. Synthesis. Offering a new and unique idea(s) for the success of the plan. A best practice.o Clarity of answers to comments/questions in the conference. Evaluation of your ideas as to why they are better than or same than what Arroyo is doing now.o 3. A brief seven (7) page paper worth18 points (excluding tile page, abstract and reference list), which includes:o Discussion of new strategy, Research support for the strategy, Knowledge of best practices in reorganizationo Analysis of new organization, if needed, supported by research completed along with examples of the pros and conso Specific goals/recommendations for the future, New and unique ideas or research supported rationale for continuing or changing current practices.o Description of how strategy will be executed and measured including financing. Revenue and expense. How will you pay for the changes you recommend? This is a critical part of the exercise.

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