UMUC BMGT305 week 5 activities

| November 24, 2016

Select “New Thread” and answer one (1) of the following questions (each area of the question must be addressed):

Identify a knowledge sharing community in which you are a member (this does not “have” to be work/career related). Briefly describe your community’s type, your role in the community, and some of the knowledge sharing barriers that exist. What actions would make your community better (and possible alleviate the KS barriers)?
In your own wods, describe the lifecycle phases of a community of practice. Then, describe how the four core technical features are related to CoP design/management.
Summarize, at a high level, the main ideas in the Learning Across Teams article…as you see them. Then, tell us how this article compares to this week’s other readings.
18”>Week 5: Exercise” alt=”””=”” -10px=”” -1441px=”” no-repeat=”” transparent;”=””>Actions for Week 5: Exercise
Managing knowledge efforts requires an effective understanding of what constitutes “measurement” of such knowledge. Search the previously identified literature and find an article, periodical, book, etc., that discusses methods to measure knowledge. Topics may include individual knowledge, the outputs of particular knowledge processes (creation, storage, transfer/sharing), or a KM system in its entirety.

1. Post the article, or a link to the resource

2. Briefly describe “what” is being measured in the reference, and ‘how’ it’s measured.

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