UMUC ARTH204 film 1

| August 31, 2017

Film Paper 1 [FP1]

Due in LEO Assignments folder.

[Full Project Descriptions listed in Syllabus>Additional Instructions.]


A = 15-16 points

B = 13-14 points

C = 11-12 points

D = 9- 10 points

F = 0- 8 points

Select a film (or group of films) and film genre from a specific decade and write a3-5 pageanalytical paper detailing that film’s and that genre’s influence on American and global culture — both then and now — and how culture, in turn, influenced and shaped the cinema. While you should feel free to use both primary and secondary source citations, in these papers I am interested more in your critical thinking and the use you make of your research than in your prowess with footnoting (which I hope you have already developed in your English classes).

Tech specs: minimum 3-5 pages (you will not improve your grade by writing more, but by writing as well as you are capable, and by improving your writing skills as the class progresses); 1-inch margins all around; 12 pt. font; double-spaced; name, title and page number in footer or header on every page; title your paper, centered, in bold font (you can use either the title of the film[s] or, better yet, create an essay title (that could include the name[s] of the film[s]).

These Film Papers may consider, comment on, and interconnect the aesthetic and technical aspects of the films, such as:

• editing, montage, filmic structure

• cinematography, camerawork, lighting

• directing

• screenwriting

• acting

• production design, sets, costumes, special effects, style

• music and sound

Equally (if not more) important will be to consider and write about the following:

• what (and how) do movies mean?

• theme, content, genre, intention, audience

• social dimension and function: what the film says and means about the world, and particularly today’s multi-cultures (in all their broad meanings and permutations)

• personal dimension: how the film affects you personally (identification, engagement, pleasure, excitement, alienation, boredom, etc. — how and why?)

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