UMUC ACCt321 week 4 homework

| January 30, 2017

In Week 4, we are covering both budgets and variances. Your homework assignment is tocomplete Questions 7, 10, and 17 in the CMA Study Guide (Practice Questions) and the Demonstration Problem in Chapter 24 (Section 24.12) in the Accounting Principles book (Horngren, et al.). You can check your solutions for the CMA practice questions by clicking on the question mark to the right of the question or scrolling to the end of the Questions section. The solution for the Demonstration Problem is in Section 24.13 (immediately following the problem) in the book. You will find the link to the CMA Study Guide (Practice Problems) and the Accounting Principles (Chapter 24) by clicking on the Week 4 Learning Resources link in Week 4 content. Please upload your answers (preferably in Excel) to the Week 4 HW assignment folder NLT next Sunday, 4 October by 11:59 EST. Show your work.

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