UMKC HLSC 430 Health Program Management Quiz 11

| March 13, 2016

• Question 1
A disease is considered chronic if it is observed for at least how long?

• Question 2
Lack of insurance can result in:

• Question 3
Which racial/ethnic group has the highest rate of uninsurance

• Question 4
Among women, which racial/ethnic group has the highest percentage distribution of AIDS?

• Question 5
Rural areas are particularly good places for managed care implementation.

• Question 6
What does the federal Ryan White CARE Act fund?

• Question 7
The health status of American Indians no longer lags significantly behind other racial/ethnic groups.

• Question 8
Which racial/ethnic group is growing the fastest?

• Question 9
Many Hispanic families who immigrated to the U.S. may not qualify for Medicaid.

• Question 10
Educational attainment varies very little among Asian American subgroups.

• Question 11
Most uninsured adults are employed but are not covered because:

• Question 12
Which racial/ethnic group is least likely to use mammography?

• Question 13
Which racial/ethnic group has the highest rate of low birth weight infants?

• Question 14
Approximately how many Americans are uninsured?

• Question 15
More women than men will suffer from major depression in their lifetimes.

• Question 16
The 2010 U.S. Census allowed respondents to choose one or more races when they self-identify.

• Question 17
Uninsured people are more likely to postpone seeking medical care, compared to insured people.

• Question 18
What is the primary purpose of the National Health Service Corps?

• Question 19
Approximately how many adult Americans have a mental disorder in any one year?

• Question 20
What does “MUA” stand for?
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