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| May 7, 2018

Article Review – Individual: Marketing happens all around us, everyday.  In order to help you recognize this, three article reviews are required.  This is a form of a current events report, writing a summary that extracts and summarizes the major points relative to a particular topic area that we have discussed.  This is to be written in a 750 to 1150 word, APA style, paper outlining:a)      The topic consideredb)      summarizing the articlec)      stating how the article relates to your topicd)     Your opinion of the articlee)      Two (2) “discussion questions” concerning that article.  Part of what determines the quality of the article is its source.  The following are suggested: Ad Week, Advertising Age, Bloomberg Business Week, Crain’s regional publications, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Inc., and The Wall Street Journal.  See me before you choose an article from any others.

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