UHV ACCT6352 assignment 1

| November 28, 2016

The Word, HTML, or PowerPoint are acceptable formats, but I prefer Powerpoint slides. Approximately 25 Powerpoint slides will be enough to answer the questions. Out of them, you may want to use two or three slides to present the background and/or main issues.

Serono – Assignment Questions

1. What was the initial attraction of the Balanced Score Card concept and who drove the adoption?

2. What is the Role and Function of the Finance Division in North America?

3. What are the conflicts faced by Iain?

4. What are the ‘Key Success Factors’ for the Corporate Finance?

5. What is your assessment of Exhibit 3, the North America Commercial Balance Scorecard? Develop a ‘Strategic Measurement Framework’ for Finance Division in North America.

6. Draw a ‘Strategy Map ‘based on these measurements.

7. What should Iain do to evaluate his department?

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