| February 1, 2016


Read carefully on the direction and respond to the

What is ASSUMED to be NORMAL and TAKEN FOR GRANTED forwomen/men in their different roles in the show you chose?

Are the characters represented in a traditional or non-traditional way fortheir gender? Do the characters break from traditional gender roles?

How is the characters’ gender important or not important to the roles they play? For example, if the gender roles were switched, how would it change the show?

What do you see male and female characters doing or saying that reminds you of what you read?

Considerthe appearance of male and female characters: how does what they look like (or howthey dress affect your impression ofthese characters?

What do your characters value? How do the values differfor men and women on the show?

Do the characters’ gender roles heighten the drama, or create funny moments? What do you make ofthat?
If your show is long running, how do the characters change overtime? What do you think that means?

Make sure to TELL Which Episode you watched.

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