Trident MGT411 module 4 SLP

| September 28, 2018

Workers Compensation and Risk ManagementHelp to explain the questions’ answers using the main article attachment (STRATEGIC EXPLORATION OF SALT INTERNATIONAL COMPANY IN THAILAND: CAN THEY HAVE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND PROFITS?) (Explanation of questions estimating roughly 1,000 words will be most sufficient for content understanding)1. is Salt International competitive currently? Explain.2. Can Salt International sustain their profitability in the coming four to five years? Discuss why or why not.3. What have Salt International managers done to make sure their company is successful?4. How have other firms used outsourcing, differentiation, and low-cost strategies to become successfully globally? Discuss one company or product from each area.5. Based on a value driven management (VDM) analysis, which of the following strategies would maximize value over time (VOT): outsourcing, differentiation, or a low-cost strategy?6. Create two other relevant alternatives for the future development of Salt International, and analyze them using the Value Driven Management framework to determine which one provides long-term maximization of value. Recommend the option which maximizes value over time and create an implementation plan.Please provide a list of references used (articles, websites, etc.)┬áSources:PEOs Look To Boost Credibility With WC Risk Management CertificationSnashall, Robert RNational Underwriter. P & C; Nov 21, 2005; 109, 44; ProQuest Centralpg. S4Cos. Bracing for Workers’ Comp Hike; Outsourcing Alternative?Beighley, DanOrange County Business Journal; Nov 5-Nov 11, 2007; 30, 45; ProQuest Centralpg. 48MYTHS & REALITIES OF WORKERS COMPENSATION COST CONTAINMENTShafer, RebeccaRisk Management; Nov 2006; 53, 11; ProQuest Centralpg. 10Journal of Business Studies Quarterly2010, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 68-81

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