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| June 14, 2018

Module 3 – Case

Case Assignment
Donald Rubendall has just been hired as the Director of
Human Resources at Company XYZ. He worked for a traditional organization for 10
years as a Human Resource Generalist and was offered a position at a new
start-up company that was seeking a Human Resources Director. The start-up
company is far from being traditional and has a culture of flexibility and
openness. As an example, there is no formal dress code at the start-up. After
the first month on the job, he quickly learns that the start-up is making great
progress and that additional employees will be hired. He is thrilled about the
news. If anything, it means more job security for him. He was tasked with
hiring a Human Resource Generalist for his small department. He finds the
perfect candidate—Ms. Gibson, but during the interview, he finds out that she
has a small Chihuahua that she would like to bring to work each day. When
questioned why during the interview, Ms. Gibson mentioned the following:
“A study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found
that stress declined over the course of a day in employees who brought their
dog to work, while it rose for dog owners who left their pups at home and for
non dog-owners.” Donald was still skeptical and wanted to do some more research
on this challenging topic.

After doing some research, he realized that many large
organizations such as Google and Amazon have had pet-friendly policies.
Furthermore, he was able to find the following information online
regarding the benefits of bringing pets to work:

1) Reduces stress –In a self-reported survey of 31
companies, employees reported lower levels of stress with pets in the
workplace. Cats slightly edged out dogs in the stress-relief department but
both canine and feline contributed to a less stressful work environment. Of
course, this corroborates existing research that has shown the positive effect
that pets can have on cardiovascular health, autonomic stress responses, and
blood pressure.

2) Forces breaks — Studies have demonstrated the value of
taking frequent, short breaks as a way of increasing productivity, and pets
make us do just that.

3) Makes the environment friendlier — The same instinct that
leads you to spontaneously break out into puppy-talk around your pooch may lead
you to be more amicable to your colleagues and your customers. In pet-friendly
workplaces, employees reported feeling friendlier to one another and finding
that customers had a more positive impression of the company.

After reading the research, Donald is both surprised and
convinced that Ms. Gibson would be a great hire and would like to hire her even
if she has to bring her Chihuahua to work each day. The only problem is that he
needs to discuss the situation with the CEO before he can officially hire her.
Drawing on the material in the background readings and doing additional
research, please prepare a 2-4 page paper (not including the cover and
reference pages) in which you thoroughly answer the following questions (your
paper should be in essay format where you address these questions in your

Case Study Questions

How should Donald Rubendall approach the situation? Is it
worth hiring Ms. Gibson and implementing a new “controversial” policy at the
company? Justify your response.
What if 5% of the employees do not support a pet-friendly
workplace? Would you still consider the policy? Justify why.
What if 2% of the employees are allergic to pets or are
scared of pets? Would you still consider the policy? Justify why.
What should the policy be for a pet-friendly workplace?
Where should the administration draw the line (e.g., should snakes be allowed)?
Create a memo outlining the policy in detail so there is no confusion.
As an HR Manager,
what is the best way to gauge how your employees feel about a pet-friendly
policy (e.g., large meeting, anonymous survey, or one-on-one meetings)? Justify
your response.
If the CEO opposes the new policy but is willing to hear some
“options”, what would be some plausible compromises?

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