Trident MAT101 module 2 case

| November 9, 2018

MAT101 Case 2 Answer TemplateName: Date: Instructor: Use this template to insert your answers for the assignment. Please use one of the four methods for showing your work (EE, Math Type, ALT keys, or neatly typed). Remember that your work should be clear and legible.Problems need to include all required steps and answer(s) for full credit. All answers need to be reduced to lowest terms where possible. Hint: Use the order of operations and plug in your answer to verify it is correct.Solve for the given variable. Check your answers.1. A= 1/2 bh; solve for hCalculations:Answer: _______________2. F= 9/5 C+32; solve for CCalculations:Answer: _______________ 3. P=2L+2W;solve for WCalculations:Answer: _______________4. 2(z-6)+10z=8(z-2)Calculations:Answer: _______________5. 7-6(5-y)=10(y-4)Calculations:Answer: _______________6. 1/4 x-18=1/2 x-6Calculations:Answer: _______________7. 5/6= -2/5 b+1/3 bCalculations:Answer: _______________8. -0.08(x-100)+0.07x=90Calculations:Answer: _______________9. 0.75(a-35.8)=a-22.4Calculations:Answer: _______________Solve the following absolute value equations. Hint: There may be two answers.10. |14-y|=12Calculations:Answer: _______________11. 3|6-d|=18Calculations:Answer: _______________12. |2(p-4)-5|=23Calculations:Answer: _______________13. 2+4|5x-7|=46Calculations:Answer: _______________14. 1/4 |6x-3|=18.75Calculations:Answer: _______________Solve and graph the following inequalities on a number line.Example graph:Go to ‘insert’ then ‘shapes’ to select the circles and line(s). Use ‘shape fill’ to make the circle either open or solid.15. x+7>11Calculations:Answer: _______________ 16. 1/8≤1-1/4 xCalculations:Answer: _______________17. -1≤2-3x<8Calculations:Answer: _______________18. 2/3>(4y-4)/3≥-4Calculations:Answer: _______________19. -8x>16 or 5/6 x>5Calculations:Answer: _______________20. -7+z≤3z+7 and 2(z-3)<-4z+2Calculations:Answer: _______________

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