Trident MAT101 MAT101 SLP 2

| November 9, 2018

MAT101 SLP 2 Answer TemplateName: Date: Instructor: Use this template to insert your answers for the assignment. Please use one of thefour methods for showing your work (EE,Math Type,ALT keys, or neatly typed). Remember that your work should be clear and legible.Problems need to include all required steps and answer(s) for full credit. All answers need to be reduced to lowest terms where possible. Write the final answer in the terms being asked such as dollars/cents, degrees, tickets, etc.1. A firm pays $1.75 for each copy of a magazine and sells each one for $2.50. There is a fixed monthly cost of $40 for printing the publication. If the firm wants to make $550 dollars next month, how many magazines do they have to sell? Write and solve an equation that represents this scenario.Equation:Calculations:Answer: ­­­­_______________2. Martin sold his computer and software for $900, receiving three times as much for the computer than the software. What was the selling price of the computer and the software? Write and solve an equation.Equation:Calculations:Answer: ­­­­computer= software=_____3. The perimeter of a pool is 64 feet and has a width of x and a length of x-4. Write an equation and find both the width and length of the pool.Equation:Calculations:Answer: ­­­­width= length=_______4. The tax on a purchase was $9.33. If the sales tax rate is 6%, how much was the purchase? Write and solvean equation.Equation:Calculations:Answer: ­­­­_______________5. Mike needs at least a 75% average to pass his math course. The class contains 5 exams that are equally weighted. If he scored a 64%, 86%, 71%, and 90% on the first 4 tests, what score does he need on the final test to earn at least a 75% in the class. Write and solve an inequality.Inequality: Calculations:Answer: ­­­­_______________6. The Parker’s are installing a wooden fence in their backyard. They have 330 feet of wood. The length can be no more than 90 feet. Write and solve an inequality to find the maximum width of the fence.Inequality: Calculations:Answer: ­­­­_______________7. Paula is an office manager for ABC Advertising. She has been tasked with finding a copy machine that falls within a budget of $750 per month. She finds a company that will lease the machine for $275 a month. Each copy costs 4 and a ream of 500 sheets of paper costs $5.00. If she estimates that they will make 10,500 copies per month, is leasing this machine a good choice? Write and solve an inequality and explain your reasoning. Inequality: Calculations:Answer: ­­­­_______________8. Peter is throwing a surprise party for his friend Tammy. He has a budget of $350. If the restaurant charges $20 per person for drinks and food and a cleanup fee of $35, what is the maximum number of people that he can invite to stay within budget? Write and solve an inequality. (Hint: Don’t forget to include both Peter and Tammy as guests.)Inequality: Calculations:Answer: ­­­­_______________9. Sally calculated that she will lose 4.6 calories per minute walking at a rate of 3 miles per hour. How many minutes does she need to walk to burn at least 250 calories? Write and solve an inequality, rounding to the nearest tenth. (Hint: Check your final answer.)Inequality: Calculations:Answer: ­­­­_______________10. When solving an inequality, when is the sign reversed?Answer: ­­­­_______________

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