trident fin301 module 1 slp latest 2016 november

| November 1, 2018

Module 1 – SLP
For this assignment, go to the Yahoo Stock Screener and use
this page to find a publicly traded company that you find interesting and would
like to study for this class. The company should not be a bank or a financial
institution of any kind including insurance companies.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Write a two to three page paper discussing what you find
interesting about this company, and whether or not you think this company will
have a successful future. Get to the company’s web site, into the “investors
relations” section and provide some financial highlights of your company
for the past year. Indicate which stock exchange the company is listed on and
what was the past 12 month rate of return (% gain or loss) to investors who
bought shares of this company a year ago and sold the shares yesterday. This
rate of return is called the one-year Holding Period Return, or HPR. Also state
what is the most recent price of the shares on the company?
In addition discuss briefly some information about the top
management team including the CEO and CFO. If there are any issues involved
with the company that relate to the issues discussed in the case assignment,
mention them briefly as well.

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