Trident ENG201 SLP 2

| September 29, 2018


Ernest Hemingway’s novel, In Our Time, is written in the brutal, abrupt
style that characterized his work.

Read CHAPTER IV of the novel, The Three Day Blow

This Chapter of the book explores the relationship of two men in today’s

Explain the relationship the two men share in Hemingway’s novel and how it
reflects their attitudes toward the technology of the world in which they
SLP Assignment Expectations

Feel free to use personal experiences and your own understanding of things
to explain what you see. Again, we are asking how technology changes us as
individuals. How we have fun, how we work has been changed by all the
technology around us. Build on what you have learned so far to comment on
what Hemingway’s characters tell you about your own life.

Write a 3- to 5-page paper and upload your work by the end of this module.

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