Trident CJ401 Module 3 Case

| August 31, 2016

Welcome to the case study assignment for the third module of the course. Please read the article below , which concerns bringing all the players in the criminal justice system of Erie County, PA, together as a system to deal with an increase in violent crime. After you have read the article answer the following question in a 3-5 page paper.

Obviously a given County’s criminal justice system requires that a number of organizations work together when new problems arise that must be dealt with? The prosecutor’s office, enforcement, courts and corrections system all must work in a coordinated effort as agencies of the County to address emerging issues such as a surge in violent crime or county jail overcrowding (there are some older readings on overcrowding in the background materials that might be worth taking a look at).

Consider the following case study:

Palattella, E., (2011). Times In-Depth: With prosecuters in lead, Erie anti-violence strategy takes shape. McClatchy-Tribune Business News.

Answer the following question. Based on your understanding of organizational design, do you believe that organizations that make up the criminal justice system (enforcement, prosecutor’s office & courts, corrections etc…) are actually autonomous, individual organizations …or does it make more sense to consider them as functional units of a larger organization? Use your readings on organizational design and draw on the case study as an example to help support your position. You may also draw on other examples (maybe even from the private sector) to help make your point. Your biggest chore here, of course, is to convince your professor as to your position on the matter. Hint: There is no ‘one right answer’.

Assignment Expectations
Write a well written argumentative paper discussing how various players of the criminal justice system work together (as either separate entities or as functional units of a larger organization) to address issues such as surges in violent crime. Clearly state your position on the issue in your introductory paragraph, support your position with well reasoned arguments and cite your sources appropriately.

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