Trident CJ 401 Module 5 Case

| July 29, 2018

New Orleans continues to suffer the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The city has recently been experiencing a wave of violent crime, and citizens are up in arms. For this case assignment, read the three short articles below concerning these issues and the leadership of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Department Superintendent Warren Riley.Simmons, A. M. (2007). 5,000 protest Big Easy violence. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati, Jan 12. pg. A.11.0. Jonsson, P. (2007). New Orleanians seek to halt escalating crime wave. The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Jan 18. pg. 01.Page, C. (2007). New Orleans needs leadership. Buffalo News, Buffalo, Feb 1. pg. A.9.Then, please write a 3-5 page essay, not including cover page and reference page, in which you address this question:Given the situation in New Orleans and Mayor Nagin’s leadership style, what steps should the mayor take to improve leadership in the New Orleans criminal justice system?

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