trident acc501 module 3 discussion latest 2016 july

| September 12, 2018

Module 3 discussion
Transfer Pricing
Transfer pricing is an important topic from multiple
perspectives. It is a global issue affecting taxation, financial results, performance
evaluations, and managerial motivation. Ratios are based on the underlying
financial information. Transfer pricing is a topic in itself, but it also
affects popular financial measures such as EVA (economic value added).
Hiemann, M. and Reichelstein, R. The Dual Role of Transfer
Prices in Multinational Firms: Divisional Performance Measurement and Tax
Optimization. The European Financial Review.
PWC. (2012). Transfer Pricing. Retrieved from
Slideshare. (2011). Global Management Accounting. Retrieved
Value Based (n.d.). Economic Value Added
(EVA). Retrieved from
In this module, we’ll emphasize transfer pricing issues and
responsibility centers. Comment on the importance of these issues, how they are
related, and why they are very important in the business environment.
Above find some resources for some of these topics that you
can use as a starting point. The links are not meant to provide any particular
viewpoint but are a mix of resources viewed both from an accounting and a
business perspective.
Choose one or two topics for further investigation and share
your knowledge with the class. Provide factual information (not merely
opinions) backed up by current news, examples, or other interesting details.
Your comments should be in your own words and include references in APA format,
if applicable.
Presence during both weeks of the module and a minimum of
three postings are required, one original posting and two responses to
colleagues. Minimum required participation does not guarantee a perfect score.

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