topic on the Mircochip

| March 29, 2017

topic on the Mircochip:


Contingency Planning

Direct Marketing

Executive Summary

These papers are a continued topic on the paper below.

Here are the previous instructions I’ve sent.


-This is the Product: A Mircochip that is inserted into our wrist, with a barcode.

For example the Microchip will be used for medical purposes. It’ll hold all of your medical records; it will also be able to sense when something is wrong with anything failing in your body. It’ll be able to send an alert to your doctor when an issue arises.

You’ll also be able to upload important documents onto the chip like your Social Security Card, your passport, or any important IDS. In order for anyone to identify you, the barcode would have to be scanned. Scanners will be issues to important agencies like Hospitals, doctor offices, Airports, or any other locations where the chip will be of use.

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