TOPIC: IT and Customer down payment

| January 30, 2017

TOPIC: IT and Customer

TOPIC: IT and Customer

TOPIC: IT and Customer

*Just for guidance of what we are going to cover in class**Prior to our in-class meeting on Friday read

“How to profit from a better ‘virtual customer experience'” in the Week 7 content area
“Co-creation in virtual worlds: The design of the user experience” in the Week 7 content area

HBS Case: Hilton Hotels: Brand differentiation through Customer Relationship Management; be prepared to discuss

Your personal experiences with hospitality industry IT

How Hilton’s innovations might inform your own industry

Opportunities, costs, and limitations of customer relationship management

Instruction of Write up Ops

Argue one or more positions relating to the topic(s) under discussion with the goal of convincing readers to accept your argument(s)
Op-Ed structure
Minimum 800 and maximum 950 words in length
Emphasize readability to a general business audience
Focus on logic and explicitly justify your positions
Content – 50 points
Accuracy, completeness, and external resources
Largest deductions come from low-value information and failure to include important concepts
Argumentation – 60 points
Organize story flow; clearly state and justify opinions; include an informative headline
Language use – 15 points
Use correct spelling, acceptable grammar
Overall Grading
Solid work earns B-level grade, outstanding earns A
Lack of content, opinion, or justification = C or lower

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