| May 7, 2018

Application: The Creation of Effective Visual AidsDeveloping the ability to transform a set of raw numbers, statistics, and data into an attention-grabbing and engaging visual aid that emphasizes key points can be a challenging, but worthwhile, exercise. There are a number of useful resources to help identify appropriate visual aids by the type of data, and how to use color to focus attention on key statistics. One type of visual aid is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.For this Assignment, review the video Two Student Presentations on the use of Visual Aids in this week’s Learning Resources. Explore how PowerPoint can be used to create an effective presentation. Consider other types of visual aids that can be used to communicate criminal justice data.To complete your Assignment (1-2 pages)Find three sets of raw numbers from criminal justice resources. The data can address recidivism rates, gun control, victimization or any other topic of interest to you.Then create a visual aid for each of the sets of raw numbers (for a total of 3 visual aids). These can include graphs, tables, pictures, etc.At least one of your visual aids should be a PowerPoint presentation.After you’ve created the visual aids, select 3 criminal justice settings such as policing, probation, courts, etc.Then explain how the visual aids are appropriate to each of the criminal justice settings you selected.Finally, describe the information presented in each of the visual aids you selected. Be sure to justify your responses using the Learning Resources and the current literature

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