Time value of money

| June 7, 2016

1) Union Pacific Railroad reported net income of $770 million after interest expenses of $320 million in a recent financial year. (The corporate tax rate was 36 percent.) It reported depreciation of $960 million in that year, and capital spending was $1.2 billion. The firm also had $4 billion in debt outstanding on the books, was rated AA (carrying a yield to maturity of 8 percent), and was trading at par (up from $3.8 billion at the end of the previous year). The beta of the stock is 1.05, and there were 200 million shares outstanding (trading at $60 per share), with a book value of $5 billion. Union Pacific paid 40 percent of its earnings as dividends and working capital requirements are negligible. (The Treasury bond rate is 7 percent.)

a. Estimate the FCFF for the most recent financial year ?

b. Estimate the value of the firm now ?

c. Estimate the value of equity and the value per share now ?

2) You are considering buying a new car. The sticker price is $15,000 and you have $2,000 to put toward a down payment. If you can negotiate a nominal annual interest rate of 12 percent and you wish to pay for the car over a 5-year period, what are your monthly car payments?

3) During the past few years, Swanson Company has retained, on the average, 70 percent of its earnings in the business. The future retention rate is expected to remain at 70 percent of earnings, and long-run earnings growth is expected to be 10 percent. If the risk-free rate, kRF, is 8 percent, the ex­pected return on the market, kM, is 12 percent, Swanson’s beta is 2.0, and the most recent dividend, D0, was $1.50, what is the most likely market price and P/E ratio (P0/E1) for Swanson’s stock today?

4) You have just been offered a $1,000 par value bond for $847.88. The coupon rate is 8 percent, payable annually, and annual interest rates on new issues of the same degree of risk are 12 percent. You want to know how many more interest payments you will receive, but the party selling the bond cannot remember. Can you determine how many interest payments remain?

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