Three Issues & uture Career Directions

| December 9, 2015

Three Issues & uture Career Directions
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Assignment #5: Thre ssues & Future Career Directions.
With any job comes certain challenges or obstacles, and the three career options that you have selected are certainly not without exception. Create three separate case scenarios, one for each of your professions, of possible problems that could arise on the job. Briefly describe each of the three scenarios and then explain how you would professionally handle each issue. In addition, I would like you to think ahead in the future regarding how families will be changing and evolving over the next fifty years. Discuss three different ways in which you imagine family life changing in the future. Then, discuss how each of your three career options will need to also evolve in order to address these anticipated changing needs, circumstances, or experience of family life in the future Length
Three issues scenarios A minimum of 6 pages
Review of 3 family issues A minimum of 3 pages
Future career projections A minimum of 6 pages.

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