Three deliverables:

| October 14, 2019

This assignment represents 50% of the total marks for this module and includes the following components:
Three deliverables:
A.    Project Initiation Document (10%)
B.    Project Plan (20%)
C.    Short Answer Questions (20%)
For A and B you need to consider this case study as the focus for these deliverables.

The Anyone Training Company has been in place for 30 years and has a wealth of experience of training those interested in the production of ceramics. It is situated in a rural location rich in clay and many other useful commodities including natural pigments. It runs a variety of courses ranging from the production of goods to their marketing and distribution needs.

Currently the entire training programme is delivered in face-to-face workshops, studios and lectures on campus. This allows students to gain access to all resources between 9am and 6pm on site:
•    Staff (To clarify issues and gain feedback)
•    A substantial library
•    Excellent administration
•    Computing resources
•    Technical support

Alongside the appointment of a new ‘learning developer’ the company has made a decision to move all of its courses that are not “hands-on” i.e. not involved in the actual production of ceramics, subjects including marketing and distribution, to online delivery.

As a result of this decision the following plan has been made:
•    To move all learning support to a 24 hour service 7 days a week using discussion boards, social media, email, blogs, instant messengers and telephone.
•    Lecture notes are to all be provided online with sound recordings of the lecture synchronised to the slides.
•    To move the majority of library provision to online and keep a limited number of books on campus that deal with the production of ceramics.
•    New students will be offered a face-to-face induction programme (but this will also be videoed and streamed for those who cannot attend).
•    All administration will now take place for ‘online’ students online.

With these changes it is envisaged that less space will be needed on campus and there is a plan to reduce academic staff working space (with a recommendation for staff to work at home). All staff and all new students are expected to now have computer access at home with a broadband connection.

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