This task concerns the broad theories

| March 17, 2019

This task concerns the broad theories and processes related to HRM as a strategic activity. Write an essay in which you: 1. Explain and justify how effective HRM policy and process can help organisations deliver strategic effect, by contributing to competitive advantage. Use at least one evidenced example of an organisation that has achieved this in the last 15 years, with clear analysis of how their HRM practice has contributed to organisational success. (45 Marks) 2. Provide three evidenced examples of how Internal (Organisational) or External Environment factors have affected the delivery of HRM policy and practice within the United Kingdom in the last 25 years. Clearly demonstrate how HRM practice has been affected along with any legislation that is relevant to the issue. (45 Marks) 3. Use correct academic writing technique including effective structure, grammar, spelling, use of in-text citations, and a full reference list, all of which should use the Harvard Referencing convention. (

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