This is a group project. Students will be formed into teams of 2-3

| March 17, 2019

This is a group project.   Students will be formed into teams of 2-3, either by self-identified teams or as assigned by the Instructor.
For this assignment you should examine a firm you are prepared to research.  The organization should be large enough (>100 staff) to have an established compensation & benefits program.  Based on your understanding on their compensation and benefits program, your assignment should address the following aspects:
a.    Background on the company or organization outlining their function, size, type of employees (i.e. different occupations), location, etc.
b.    How is internal equity established?  How is the rate of pay for new hires determined and aligned with existing staff to ensure internal equity?
c.    What process(es) does the company use to ensure their compensation is aligned with the marketplace (i.e., external equity)?
d.     What type of benefits do employees receive for working with that organization?
e.    Is their compensation program effective overall? Give them a grade using a basic Likert scale between 1 (completely ineffective) and 5 (absolutely perfect) and fully justify your conclusion. As part of your answer, ensure you identify each compensation program component separately and analyze the degree to which it is/was working effectively.
f.    What recommendations would you provide to the company executive to improve their compensation program system?

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