This attached assignemt represents the preliminary research proposal

| March 17, 2019

This attached assignemt represents the preliminary research proposal which need to be further extended to additional 1000 words. The topic is written above. Please, have a look at the file attached. Please, use the same format!!! Extend the Literature Review further. Add more discussions. The things that needs correction are as follows: 1. For the second research question ‘What value does the public sector derive from auditing their financial statements?’ – here please formulate question in a more specific manner/way. 2. Third research question ‘ What are the challenges faced during and after auditing of public companies?’- needs to be more specific to the area of research. 3. Use case studies for the same sector as an example. (only 1 or 2 case studies) 4. For the methodology part state why are the case studies and interviews/this method relevant? 5.Also, state how are the case studies done? 6. Include and discuss ‘How Bulgaria and United Kingdom responded to the IFRS? Is there a change that has taken place?

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