This assignment is for a course called Teaching and Learning Language in a Primary Division

| March 29, 2017

This assignment is for a course called Teaching and Learning Language in a Primary Division (Kindergarten – Gr.5).The assignment is called: A Memoir of Language Learning and following is the description.
The assignment is suppose to be NO longer than 3 pages, double spaced.Part of the work of this course is to expand our narratives about language learning, how it happens, where it falls down, what complicates it, what makes for insight, and so on. In this assignment, as a way of coming to understand the language learners in your placement classroom, you are going to create your own biography to reflect on you as a language learner and user.As you have been acquiring/learning/learning about language, you may have discovered something about yourself, about others, about your community or the world around you. Learning to listen, speak, write, read, and to use language to think happens anywhere and with anyone – it needn’t include a teacher or a school – but, of course, it most certainly could!As you ponder, as you organize your thoughts, as you draft, and as you publish your writing, you should think about yourself in the receptive mode as a listener and a reader (a receiver of language), and the expressive mode as a talker and a writer (a user of language). As well, you should think about your skills and abilities with language that support you as a meaning maker.Some questions to inform your writing:Do you have a recollection of your ability to acquire and use language as being as easy or a difficult process for you?Did you have the necessary and sufficient conditions to enable, support, and encourage you as a young language learner and user?How might the conditions have been different to better enable your receptive and expressive language development?And most importantly, as you think of yourself as a language learner and user, how will this reflection, self-assessment, and self-evaluation help you to be be/become a better classroom teacher?

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