This assignment is experiential and worth a total of 20% of your overall unit grade

| March 9, 2019

This assignment is experiential and worth a total of 20% of your overall unit grade.  Note that the part of the assignment that is assessed is the Learning and Development Plan. The experiential activities have been developed to give your Plan passion, meaning and purpose. Hence, Learning Activities 1-5 are not necessary to write a Plan – I have set these activities up to help you ‘know yourself’ more before you make the plan.  

Develop your own Learning & Development Plan. 
Once you have done learning activities 1-5 (PebblePad Workbook), you should now be in a position to develop your Plan, which asks what you want to learn, why do you want to learn this, what are the possible ways of learning, what method will work best given the way you like to learn and how do you intend to use it, what resources and supports are available to help you, how will you know you have learned, and finally what are the things you need to do and when do you need to do them.  In writing a plan, remember that each of the goals and strategies needs to be S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely).
For most of you, you will do two plans. The first plan covers the occupational skills that you want to improve or develop (these are the Knowledges, Skills and Abilities associated with your professional development). Completion will earn you up to 9 points.  The second plan covers the generic employability skills that you want to improve or develop. Completion will earn you a second lot of up to 9 points.   Make sure that both plans are consistent with your most important values which you clarified in Activity 1.
I recognize, however, that there are significant individual differences in our learning cohort   For example, for someone already in employment, it is probably unlikely that they would need to do a generic employability plan (by definition, they already have employment).  Somebody like that would need to email me, and get permission to do one plan rather than two, based on their occupational skills plan.

Self-assessment of your assignment. This final part of the assignment will earn you 2 points, as it asks you to self-assess your learning and development plan using the following rubric (adapted from UCLA Community School, 2011). Use this rubric twice – once for the occupational skills component of your plan, and once for the generic employability skills component of your plan.  

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