This assignment is based upon the attached project scenario

| May 16, 2019

This assignment is based upon the attached project scenario (see page 6).  
The project briefing paper must be submitted electronically to the PMP CEO by the time/date nominated. Failure to meet deadline means your CEO will not be able to table it at the SMR June Board meeting where he has been invited to present. This would be highly embarrassing for him – and with possible ‘career-limiting’ repercussions for the associated PMP team members!
The project planning document must contain the following sections (although others can be added):
Section 3 – Major Project Management Activities and Estimates
•    High-level work breakdown structure (WBS) of the VMS project (100+ tasks);
•    Task sequencing using activity-on-node (AON) network dependency diagram (NDD). If needed place a high-level summary NDD in the report body with more detailed AON PERT in appendix; 
•    Task scheduling on a Gantt chart (must reflect both the WBS and the detailed PERT);
•    Identification and discussion of key milestones (should be at least 8 but more are OK);
•    Discussion of identified critical path dependencies;

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