This assessment requires that you prepare a report in three parts,

| May 16, 2019

This assessment requires that you prepare a report in three parts, answering all of the following questions in each section. You are expected to conceptualise the problem or issue, find relevant references for context, facts, theory and examples and come up with appropriate points of view. Your positions should be supported with argument and citations as appropriate. Marks will also be awarded for presentation and professionalism of the response. 
1) Stakeholder Ethics (12 marks) a) Identify and outline at least 3 ethical issues that may be associated with situations as described in the articles. Why do you believe that these are (or could be) ethical concerns? b) For the 3 ethical issues nominated, identify the key stakeholders. For each stakeholder attempt to describe the situation and reasoning from their perspective. 
31272 PMP Assignment 1 
c) For each stakeholder group identified, select what you believe is the relevant ethical view they have likely taken (i.e. choose from the list of 7 ‘ethical principles’ given on slide 10 of lecture 2) – and then briefly explain why you attributed that ethical stance to them. d) For the 3 issues you have outlined assess your personal values and then, for each issue, determine your own closest fit to the list of 7 ‘ethical principles’. Comparing your view to the associated stakeholder positions, discuss which stakeholder (in your ethical judgement) is most likely to be ‘right’. Why do you think this? 
2) International Codes of Conduct / Codes of Ethics (6 marks) Research the Codes of Conduct and Codes of Ethics for Information Technology industry bodies representing Australia (i.e. Australian Computer Society (ACS)) plus two other national or international groups (e.g. Association for Computer Machinery (ACM), Project Management Institute (PMI), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), British Computer Society (BCS), Computer Society of India (CSI), Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand (IITP), etc.).  Answer the following:  a) In your opinion, and supplying reasoning, what evaluation would each Industry Code most likely give regarding the use of automated vehicles and control systems governing them? b) Compare the Codes of Conduct/Ethics for the three industry bodies. What are the major differences and similarities between the codes you have examined in regard to the case study subject matter? Why do you believe that these differences, similarities or areas of conflict are present?  Justify answers with specific references to items within case study examples and the Codes themselves

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