This article is taken from People Management.

| March 17, 2019

This article is taken from People Management. Bombardier do run graduate schemes. Considering the information above, and also looking at their website, write a report proposing the details for a graduate assessment centre to select 8 graduates to be part of a graduate trainee programme for the engineering team at the Derby depot. They have outlined the structure of a graduate scheme. Your report is to furnish the finer details for the assessment centre. You will need to outline a set of competencies to use and give some detail to the ways in which you will assess those competencies, to come up with a team of 8 graduate trainees to add to the Derby depot. Start your research at, look at the jobs they have, and the graduate schemes they are running, and consider the competencies that need to be included. You may want to research other companies to find out what competencies that are used (be careful of plagiarism). Put forward a well researched account in your report, and a justified set of recommendations for a selection centre.

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