There have been continuousdebatessince the1970s whenRonald Reagan

| March 29, 2017

There have been continuousdebatessince the1970s whenRonald Reagan, President of the United States, declared a ‘war on drugs’ and this was supported by the United Nations.The latest debate in Australia produced a report titled:”The prohibition of illicit drugs is killing and criminalising our children and we are all letting it happen”byDouglas, B. & McDonald, D. 2012,(Report of a high level Australia21 Roundtable, ed. Australia21, Sydney, the same time, the media, lead by Fairfax publications,was leading debate in public forums andonline witha series of news articles on’The Drug Dilemma”.The Sydney Morning Heraldcreated a wikicurve toencouragepublic comment onthe issue of thelegalisationofillicit drugs, quotingthe president of theAustralian Drug Law Reform Foundation ( ”PLAN A clearly doesn’t work, we should discuss the options for Plan B”(in reference tothe ‘war on drugs’),(see:

Yet a pillar ofthe government policyis the supplyreduction and the policingof drugs.Why or how ispublicopinionand lobbying by interest groupsshifting the debate?The lobbyingappears to beunsuccessful in changingpolicy, at least in Australia.Your task is toresearch andanalysedebates on the current ‘war against drugs’ and its success or otherwise, globally and/or locally.

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