Theories and Theorists

| February 3, 2016

Theories and Theorists

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Craft a 4- to 5-page paper in which you address the following instructions and questions:

?Identify two key theories in your field from the book, Chapter 6 in the course text, A Primer in Theory Construction by Paul Davidson Reynolds. The theories I have identified are that of simplicity, selecting the most parsimonious theory. The second theory in my field of human services would be in any face to face group o interacting individuals, one individual will contribute more to the discussion than any other (theories that explain same events), and concrete statements can be proven true of false.

?Identify the theorist(s) and sources of the theories (key articles or books) in your discipline.

?Describe the basic tenets of these theories.

?Analyze the relationship between the two theories that you have found.

?Explain why these theories are so important to your discipline and how they relate to the research that you are interested in doing.

?Include a reference list for all the sources you cited in this paper.

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