The Tempest Essay

| September 13, 2020

The differences between Prosper and Clinical in The Tempest and A Tempest As A Tempest is an adaptation of Shakespearean The Tempest that focus on a postcolonial perspective, the story is, obviously, a little different. In A Tempest, Mime Easier clearly shows his postcolonial perspective by changing Ariel from an airy spirit into a mulatto slave and Clinical into a black slave. However, in Act I Scene II, the two main characters that should be focused on are Prosper and Clinical.
In A Tempest, since it has a postcolonial perspective, the characters seem to be more aggressive. For example, in the Tempest, Prosper is more tolerant, and knows how to use people. Ariel also shows more respect to him while in A Tempest where Prosper is an ideal example of a white man in postcolonial perspective. He acts like he is the master of every life. If he wants something to be done, it must be done no matters how.
At the same time, Clinical stands for himself more strongly in A Tempest. He dares to shout and be so rude to his master. He talks back to Prosper and he would not surrender so easily. In The Tempest, Clinical does argue with his master, but in the end he surrenders. On the contrary, in A Tempest, Clinical shows that he would not be “a good slave” obeying everything anymore. He resists on saying a words in his native language even though Prosper forbids him to do so.

In my opinion, it symbolize that black people would not surrender to white people anymore, or at least, not so easily. They are ready to fight back and stand for themselves. In conclusion, even though the characters of Prosper and Clinical are similar in The Tempest and A Tempest, they also have a little difference. The characters are stronger and more aggressive which express the postcolonial perspective of the play. The tempest By demonstrativeness

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