The Task You are required to present answers

| October 14, 2019

The Task You are required to present answers in a single CORRECT report format of no more than 2,000 words to a case study where you are the financial manager of CQU Printers who must make a mutually exclusive investment decision. This case study mainly focusses on work completed in weeks 7 and 8. All questions are based on the concepts in your prescribed textbook, Managerial Finance – Principles and Applications by Titman et al. (2016). However, you MUST use other references. The case tests your understanding of the capital budgeting techniques as well as the qualitative aspects of risk and return decision making.  • Word count is 2,000 words maximum. This word limit would exclude report title page, table of contents, reference list, appendix and any other supplementary material or attachments. MINIMUM number of references: 15 references. The number of references outline here includes academic references. Academic references must be peer-reviewed. It excludes sources such as newspapers, magazines, and internet source. •  Please make sure you look at the resources placed in FINC20018 Moodle to help you complete your assessment as instructed

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