The student is to write a report

| May 16, 2019

The student is to write a report on how a project can be audited for itsgovernance. This requires an understanding of governance and the role of an audit in checking and monitoring the planning and execution of a project.   
Governance of company processes and procedures is not new and often follows well established principles. These principles are usually generic and need to be modified to suit a particular organisation, and therefore there is no single ‘correct’ answer, simply guidelines.  
The report needs to be comprehensive so the student needs to: 1. Research the principles from areas of corporate governance that can be applied to project management. Find information from secondary sources such as journals, papers, books and data bases and record all original sources.   
2. Investigate and discuss the issues that need to be addressed in ensuring good project governance. Give examples. This comes from your research in 1.  
3. Develop a ‘checklist’ that can be used to ensure compliance with good project governance. This addresses the concerns you have identified in 1 and 2 above. It must be a tool that can be used for auditing purposes.   
4. Write a report with recommendations on how a project can be assured of good governance

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