The site at which the mind and body interacted

| April 13, 2018

Question 1.If you took a second to count every neuron in an average adult human brain it would take over: 10,000 years 30,000 years 100 years 1,000 yearsQuestion 2.The connected series of fluid-filled cavities that are found throughout the brain are known as the: Subarachnoid spaces Ventricles Vesicles Rete mirabileQuestion 3.According to Descartes, the site at which the mind and body interacted in the brain was the: Pineal gland Pituitary gland Lateral ventricles HypothalamusQuestion 4.The discovery of the Golgi technique was important in the advancement of brain anatomy because: It only stained axons enabling the brain’s pathways to be mapped out It only stained a small number of brain cells in any piece of tissue It caused brain cells to fluoresce It was the first stain that ‘worked’ on brain neuronsQuestion 5.The ______ is the main part of the neuron that contains neurotransmitter receptors (i.e. receives incoming messages), and the ______ is the main conductor of the action potential along the neuron’s length. Soma, axon Dendrite, axon Axon, dendrites Nodes of Ranvier, dendriteQuestion 6.The person who discovered the chemical basis of neurotransmission was: Charles Sherrington Ramon y Cajel Luigi Galvani Otto LoewiQuestion 7.In response to an action potential, a presynaptic neuron releases a chemical called a ______ which diffuses across the ______ to activate ______ on the postsynaptic cell. Catecholamine, myelin, receptors Neurotransmitter, synaptic gap, receptors Neuromodulator, synaptic gap, motor end plate Neurotransmitter, synaptic gap, synaptic vesiclesQuestion 8.During its resting state, the electrical charge inside the neuron is ______ compared to the outside. Positive (+70mv) It differs greatly depending upon what part of the neuron is examined Neutral (0mv) Negative (-70mv)Question 9.During the neuron’s resting state, large amounts of positive ______ ions are found in the extracellular fluid, whereas relatively more positive ______ ions are found inside the cell. Sodium, potassium Sodium, lithium Potassium, chloride Chloride, anionsQuestion 10.The site where the threshold potential (-55mv) has to occur first in order to produce an action potential is the: Soma Dendritic spines Axon hillock Axon

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