the research questions by using measures of central location,

| January 7, 2016

the research questions by using measures of central location, measures of variability and relative standing and graphical descriptive techniques.
Paper details:

This Business Research Report is about ” Customer Satisfaction the Apple Company products” and it consist of Research Report Part A and Research Report Part B.

Research Report Part A, already done and you will write Research Report Part B, and make use of at least 80 completed survey questionnaires conducted from Research Report Part A – “Survey questionnaires” .

Kindly read all the lecture slides materials and lecture/homework exercises with answered to have a better understanding.

Assignment Research Report Part B – Writing Guidelines included.
Research Report
Part B

Writing Guidelines
The following guidelines will be of great help in writing part B of your research report
Survey questionnaires conduct from Part A must be minimum of 80
Survey questionnaires conducted and completed from Part A must use for Part B.

1. Length of the Report
The main text of part B of your research report has a maximum of five pages, in (font) Verdana with font size 10 and line spacing 1.5.

Note that a research report with different fonts and inconsistent line spacing will be graded 1.

2. Report Structure and Content
The following table shows the structure and content of your report. You are not allowed to use a different structure or add content other than discussed below.

Element Sub-element Content
Front Matter Cover • A clear title.
• The name and student number of the author.
• The name of the person to which the report is handed in.
Table of Content • A clear overview of the sections and subsections in the report.
• Page numbers per section and subsection.
Main Text Chapter 1 Research
Findings In this chapter you answer the research questions by using measures of central location, measures of variability and relative standing and graphical descriptive techniques. In answering your research questions, you need to include a minimum of two means, two standard deviations, two ranges, two pie charts, two bar charts, an ogive, two histograms, two scatter diagrams, and two cross
tabulations. All of these statistics and graphical descriptive techniques need to be explained. Do not show your calculations in the main text.
Chapter 2 Conclusions and Recommendations 2.1Conclusions
In this section you answer the decision statement.
Here you give five recommendations related to the decision statement and the financial implications of these recommendations.
All recommendations need to be based on your research findings.
Matter Bibliography An alphabetical list of the literature/websites used consistent with the general format of APA citations: Use of Literature
Literature should be sufficiently and correctly applied and choices made in your report need to be explained by referring to literature by using APA citations. See for more information:

Furthermore, any text part of your report should be written not be copied from someone else or a book, article, website etcetera. Occasionally, you may use direct in-text quotes (i.e. the exact words of the author of an article, book etcetera).
Note that a research report in which you commit plagiarism will be graded 0 and it fail. Your report will be checked on plagiarism in Ephorus.

4. Paragraphing
It should be clear where paragraphs begin and end and paragraphs should be well balanced in length and content. The link between subsequent paragraphs must be clear.

5. Language
A research report written with poor grammar, lots of spelling mistakes and poor punctuation are fail. Therefore, make sure grammar (tenses, prepositions, adverbs, articles, etcetera), spelling and punctuation are accurate. Also ensure that the terminology and vocabulary used throughout your report is accurate. The style and tone of your report should be appropriate to formal writing. Ask someone else to check grammar and spelling before submitting your report.

Note that a research report with three or more spelling or grammar mistakes on a page will be graded 0.

6. Layout
New chapters should start on a new page and all text should be well-aligned. Tables, figures and appendices need to be correctly presented and have numbers and titles, and are referred to in the text. Do not add any graphs, tables and figures that do not add value to the discourse.

Note that a research report with poor layout will be graded 0.

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