The purpose of this course is to explore current HRD Policy and practices in today’s organizations.

| September 12, 2016

Course Information

Course Name: Current Policy and Practices in Training

Course Description:The purpose of this course is to explore current HRD Policy and practices in today’s organizations. The focus will be on work engagement, an increasing area of interest that has implications for learning culture, performance, work/life balance issues, and a host of related topics. The course will be taught in seminar format supplemented with online discussion and activities.

Required Text

Bakker, A. B. ,&Leiter, M. B. (Eds.) (2010).Work engagement: A handbook of theory and research.New York, NY: Psychology Press/Taylor & Francis Group.

The assignment requested to be done:

Reflection Paper:Each student will be required to produce a reflection paper. This paper should: 1) apply either theory or research findings to a specific example (either drawn from personal experience or literature), 2) evaluate the theory and/or research in the light of this application, and 3) identify any issues that are raised as a result of this exercise. The paper should be approximately 5 double-spaced pages.

Note: I have to write a reflection related to my experience Or engagement experience in depth. A professor needs one reference at least from the chapter. Not general write. It must be in depth related to what we learned from the seven chapters.

Here is my past experience that I wrote:

I worked six years as a mechanical engineer – taking on progressively increasing responsibilities in managing construction projects, supervising contractors, and coordinating efforts of dozens of employers, managed the maintenance requirements for the project, and supervised the maintenance contractors. I still remember my first project I did in Saudi Arabia. The head manger came to me and gave me the chance to show myself in my job. He assigned me to take care of a part of a big project in my city Jeddah. The project was to manage the constructions of the Air Condition control and the plumbing plan at an aqua park resort. I was very excited that he chose me for it but at the same time I was very stressed because it wasn’t an easy project at all as it was my first too.

In addition, I was positive that I could handle the project and succeed in it. At the end I did improve myself by doing a great job as what I did hear from the entire employee around me. Also, this first project was my key to successful other projects with a high level of confidence, engage and achievement.

My confident and my ambition lead me to work hard and to achieve the high level of engagement. Building good communications with the employee and being a good listener to them is one of the reasons of my engagement. Another reason is that I first set my goals and then I worked hard to achieve them.

The chapters that I need to have at least on reference from:

Chapter 1: Work engagement: Introduction

Chapter 2: Defining and measuring work engagement: Bringing clarity to the concept

Chapter 3: Not all days are created equal: The concept of state work engagement

Chapter 4: The push and pull of work: The differences between workaholism and work engagement

Chapter 5: The power of positive psychology: Psychological capital and work engagement

Chapter 6: Feeling energetic at work: on vigor’s antecedents

Chapter 7: Using the job demands-resources model to predict engagement: Analysing a conceptual model.

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