The national debt: a threat to the US economy

| November 24, 2016

I need 2 500 word essays for economics. Here are a list of topics to choose from:
Some great “issues” from which to choose:
The national debt: a threat to the US economy or not?
The current US Federal Tax System or an alternative? Which alternative
or which changes?
More pollution reduction, less pollution reduction or the same amount?
Oil, coal and natural gas or alternative energy sources?
Alternative ways of dealing with poverty in America
Social Security or an alternative?
Expand international trade or protect US jobs?
Should we return to the Gold Standard?
Are labor unions a net positive for the economy or a net negative?
D. Or the economic topic of your choice with the instructor’s prior approval of the
topic. Please do NOT write on the minimum wage or the ACA (Obamacare).
E. Be sure your paper is written from an economic perspective and not a political or
sociological perspective. Again, please avoid partisan political comments.
F. Each paper must be in the student’s own words. Please do not include quotes,
tables, charts, etc. Site your sources but do not quote them directly. Using your
own words demonstrates that you have understood the material you have read.
G. Remember, the paper should be about an issue and you must examine at least two
sides of that issue.
H. Each paper must use a minimum of two different sources (see below for some
very good sources and for those sources that students are not allowed to use).
Some great sources for articles:
The Post & Courier
The Economist
The Wall Street Journal
Business Week
Marketwatch (website)
Cato Institute (website and written reports)
The Street (website)
The business section of any daily newspaper

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