The Matter of Photography in the Americas @ stanford February 7, 2018 – April 30, 2018

| September 13, 2020

Pleaseļ¼Œ follow the requirements
Name of artist and title of the exhibition
Location of exhibition
Dates of exhibition
Date you attended the exhibition
Select a photographic piece from the exhibit and write a 2-3 paragraph observation paper that addresses the following:
Medium (traditional or digital, color or black & white, or alternative process)
Size (what was the approximate dimensions of the work)
Presentation (how was the work presented? Was it matted and framed, in a slideshow, in an artist book, photo sculpture, etc)
Subject Matter (what were the images of? ….landscapes in France, people of India, etc)
Personal Thoughts (What was your personal reaction to the work. Did it make you feel happy/sad, comfortable/uncomfortable, etc)
Observations (What observations did you make about the exhibition space, lighting, and other attendees? Does seeing work in person change the viewing experience in any way versus seeing images in books, slides, etc. ?)
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