The hotel was graded the lowest in the whole Star chain

| March 17, 2019

The hotel was graded the lowest in the whole Star chain in terms of overall customer satisfaction running at a rate of 65% in the company’s benchmark grading system. The company average is 74%. In every hotel in the chain the company undertakes a monthly Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) with regular guests and this includes a summary of guest cards completed by guests in their hotel rooms, as well as more formal online monthly survey with major business clients. The survey asks clients to grade all the facilities in the hotel (see Appendix 1 for the most recent monthly survey results for the Imperial Hotel).

The most regular complaints received are in relation to issues about checking in and checking out of the hotel, the quality of the rooms themselves and the poor quality of staff. There have been a number of complaints about the reception staff being indifferent and sometimes rude to guests. Other guests have been critical of having to wait in queues at reception both for checking into the hotel as well as checking out. A considerable number of guests have complained of repeatedly being charged incorrectly in their final bill. Most worrying is the fact that some guests are also complaining that there has been little or no timely response to their complaints.

In terms of the accommodation in the hotel a growing number of guest are being critical of the quality of the hotel rooms and in particular the cleanliness of the bathrooms, with numerous  requests for room changes due to showers not working properly, noisy air conditioning, and technology not working in the rooms. 

Initial suggestions by Peter Farnsworth to manage the problem:
 Analyse the problem from the customer’s perspective
 Make staff aware of the customer expectations
 Train staff to respond to customer complaints
Feedback to complaining customers how the problems are being dealt with  

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