The following table presents the data for CanDo Inc.

| June 13, 2016

ccounts payable


Accounts receivable


Cash and cash equivalents




Common Stock




Dividend payout ratio


Interest paid




Long-term debt


Net Fixed Assets




Short-term debt


Tax rate


Calculate the following financial ratios for CanDo Inc. in the fiscal year of 2009:

a.Current ratio

b.Quick ratio

c.Cash ratio

d.Net working capital ratio

e.Interval measure

f.Total debt ratio

g.Debt-equity ratio

h.Equity multiplier

i.Long-term debt ratio

j.Times interest earned

k.Cash coverage ratio

l.Inventory turnover (using average inventory from 2008 and 2009)

m.Days’ sales in inventory

n.Receivables turnover (using average accounts receivable from 2008 and 2009)

o.Days’ sales in receivables

p.Payables turnover (using average accounts payable from 2008 and 2009)

q.Days’ sales in payables

r.NWC turnover

s.Fixed assets turnover

t.Total asset turnover

u.Profit margin

v.Return on assets (ROA)

w.Return on equity (ROE)

x.Price-earnings (P/E) ratio

y.Market-to-book ratio

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