The first two assignments you have been practicing

| March 13, 2016

Assignment 3 – Assholes: A Theory
In the first two assignments you have been practicing basic skills of philosophical writing. The
first is to clarify a position or idea of an other person and accurately recount what the position
claims including using examples to illustrate the position. The other is to critically assess the
position by either comparing it with an other position or assess which elements are strong and
should be kept if one is to develop his/her own position based on the initial views of other or
what elements are weak and should be discarded. In this final assignment you will add a further
skill and present and defend your own position. In this paper, you will critically evaluate James’s
position/definition on what an asshole is, identify the elements that you believe are correct and
those that should be eliminate, and then build on those you think are correct to develop your own
analysis of the term asshole. You will then defend this by illustrating your new conception or
show how it can be used to address the question of whether we should view assholes as primarily
men. Your paper will therefore have four parts:

An accurate explanation of James’s conception
Critically assess which elements of James’s conception should be eliminated
Explicate what elements of his position should be retained
Defend your own definition of what an asshole is and either illustrate it with an
example or address whether and assholes are usually considered to be men

The paper should be 3-4 pages (750-1000 words, double spaced).

A rubric is below.
Must check rubric very important

This is very important
Assignment 3 Rubric
Explanation of James’s View
Accurate and insightful analysis
of the issue of the article; vital for
clarifying the issue being

No attempt to
clarify the issue.

The analysis of
the issue is

Discusses the issue
but is superficial or
misses vital
elements or has

The analysis is
accurate and
identifies vital
issue but has not
fully, clearly
clarified the issue.

A clear and
explanation of the
issue being

Weak Elements
A critical assessment must

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