The economic environment of any nation is beyond the control

| September 12, 2016

Report A

Due date: 28 august

Length: 2,500 words

Subject: Global marketing


This is a report based on the topic given below.

“The economic environment of any nation is beyond the control of the international marketing manager. Briefly describe the strategies a firm can employ to cope with an economic recession in an international market, and discuss the relevant factors that would influence the choice of strategy.”

Papers will cover a comprehensive review of the topic literature as it relates to current international marketing issues facing businesses operating between countries.
The audience for this report should be an Australian organisation. You will discuss the theory surrounding the issue and provide relevant, practical recommendations on how your organisation should manage its exposure to the issue.
Students are expected to have read widely in the area, exploring theory and current best practice. The emphasis in assessment will be on critical analysis and interpretation rather than description. No marks will be awarded for a paper that merely summarises or recapitulates the main argument or issue put forward in the supplied article.

Marking criteria


Critical analysis skills
This criterion is about describing and evaluating the information found when researching the context

Value 30%

Application skills
This criterion is about linking theory to a specific context, explaining how it relates to a product/company

Value 30%

Recommendations & Realism
This is about strategic recommendations for the company which are realistic in the country context

Value 10%

Communication Skills

This is about the presentation of the work including: Structure, Format, Grammar

Value 25%

Referencing Skills
This criterion is about the application of APA referencing

Value 5%

Assignment should be prepared in report format and should include the following content

Introduction to the report (aims)
Literature review (discussion of theory)
Management implications (how does this apply to your selected organisation)
Reference list (in APA format)
Atleast 12-15 references including journals and books.
In text referencing.
Plagirsm below 20%.
Report should be with 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing format, exclusive of attachments. Papers must be fully referenced using APA citation and referencing standards. Papers submitted without a reference list conforming to either of these standards will not be graded. Number every page, make sure and include a cover sheet, title page with student details, and a table of contents (none of which is included in the word limit).

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